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Clean & Maintain Bundle


The full MotoClean range in one bundle, with all the key products you need to clean, protect and lubricate your motorcycle.

Give your motorcycle the supreme clean it needs with our Dirt Wash Motorcycle Cleaner. This unique gel formula will effortlessly cut through dirt, grease and grime, and leaves behind a visible glossy finish. Free from all nasties like salts, solvents and phosphoric acids, and fully biodegradable.

Once sparkling, use the Maintenance Spray as your ultimate multi-use spray which will lubricate and protect the areas you need. It provides a protective coating to repel moisture and prevent rust. Check out the non-sticky high gloss finish!

Improve the performance and life of your chain with the Chain Lube. Resistant to high temperatures, water resistant, and prevents rust and corrosion. The dual function nozzle allows you to get the product flow you want.

Finally, our Brake Cleaner is designed to quickly remove any stubborn dirt, dust, carbon and oil build up. It’s fast drying and leaves no residue behind. Use last to ensure your brake components are fully clean and ready to go.


Dirt Wash Motorcycle Cleaner, Maintenance Spray, Chain Lube and Brake Cleaner.

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How to use your Clean & Maintain Bundle

  • Step 1: Dirt Wash Motorcycle Cleaner
  • Step 2: Maintenance Spray
  • Step 3: Chain Lube
  • Step 4: Brake Cleaner

Dirt Wash

  • Hose your bike down before use so the surfaces to be cleaned are wet
  • Step back and spray on from a 1m distance – let the foaming trigger do the work to achieve great coverage!
  • Once sprayed on, agitate the dirt with a brush or sponge so the stubborn areas are disrupted.

Maintenance Spray

  • Bespoke nozzle for ease of use.
  • For intricate jobs or hard to reach areas, fit the tube provided.
  • Spray onto surfaces and wipe over with a clean cloth to achieve a glossy shine.
  • Can be used as a protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Chain Lube

  • Use on a clean chain!
  • Bespoke nozzle helps you to reach harder areas.
  • Try out our dual function nozzle. Press down half way for a reduced product dispersal
    where you require precision. Press down the full way for maximum product flow.
  • Wait one minute after use for product to reach optimum viscosity.

Brake Cleaner

  • Bespoke nozzle helps you to reach harder areas.
  • Can be left to evaporate or wiped away with a clean cloth.


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